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Consolidate Debt
The following companies are several of the most popular sites offering debt consolidation services today.

There are basically two types of companies that consolidate debt listed here. The first type is a company that will loan you money to pay off your debts; the second type will take your debts and then re-negotiate with the people you owe money to. You will then stop making payments to the companies you originally owed money to and instead make one monthly payment to the service that consolidated your debt.

Which method is best? The answer depends upon your individual situation. I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but for someone with a decent, stable job and a fairly solid financial foundation, getting a tax-deductible home equity loan or a refinanced mortgage to pay off credit card debt is a pretty good financial move. However, for someone who is deeply in debt with credit cards and other debts and/or doesn't have a stable job, transferring that extra debt to your home can be a risky move. A person in that situation may look to the debt re-negotiation services as the better way to go.
One of the Internet's first and most popular providers of debt consolidation services. They offer a very simple and user-friendly approach to their services.

Debt Wave
This debt consolidation service offers help for the financially strapped household. They have helped lots of people settle their debts, avoid filing bankruptcy and build strong, secure futures. Their debt settlement program negotiates on your behalf to actually eliminate your debt. No obligation. Get more info.



Consolidate Debt


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